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Sneak PeekFaye

So lucky to photograph Faye’s post wedding bridal shoot.  Weddings are so fast paced with little time to dedicate to one element during the day, so it is really lovely to be able to spend a couple of hours just documenting the brides style and dress after the wedding day.  I definitely recommend any bride treating themselves to a day of pampering on set and enjoying their dress again before it gets packed away forever xx

Location:  Great Ashfield House  /  Florals:  Rebecca Avery Flowers  /  Make-up and Hair:  Victoria Taylor

Why I Don’t Use Professional Models for Styled Wedding Shoots

Why I don’t use professional models for wedding styled shoots…to be honest I love working with people, especially women, who don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.  There is nothing more rewarding than making a women who is inexperienced in front of the camera look like she has just walked into a vogue shoot, or a wedding styled shoot that you see on a high end wedding blog.  I’m not going to lie, its not always easy, and finding solutions that will help capture the results I want takes time and perseverance, but the end results are hugely rewarding for all involved.

Another reason is practice.  Although there is much to gain from using professional models…they know there light, how to work their muscles (even facial expressions), how to move and pose.  As a photographer who is working with non professionals on a weekly basis I find working with people who aren’t confident in front of the camera, don’t know how to find light, have no idea how to move, hugely beneficial to improving my skill set, especially for a wedding day where time is limited and couples can feel very awkward.  Knowing simple ways to keep things moving and fluid is much easier for couples and brides who are camera shy.  I have found the more you are involved in a pose the more awkward it becomes and will often look stiff and unnatural – something I am always trying to avoid.

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All Photography:  Kathryn Hopkins Photography  / Florals:  Rebecca Avery Flowers  /  Make up Artist:  Victoria Taylor