Discovering IkigaiThe Japanese Secret to Finding Happiness

Have you ever read a really inspiring educational post, gone away feeling ‘yes I can do this’ and then realised although inspiring the educator didn’t actually give you the fundamental tools to execute what they were teaching?  It’s happened to me a lot and I’ve given it a name….Inspirational Fluff.

I’m obsessed with learning and inspiration fluff is my bugbear.  I’ve spent a fortune on courses only to find that some of them are rather lacking on the nitty-gritty how to bit.

If you love to learn then YouTube could be your best friend.  For me it’s the best platform we have for learning and its free!  Over the past few months I’ve ditched the TV in the evenings and now cuddle up with the cats in search of good educational content on YouTube – I’m in creative heaven and I want your world to be rocked too.

The video which stood out to me the most this week was life changing.  It is the process of Japanese Ikigai – (the secret to a happy life), so beautifully demonstrated by Chris Do of ‘The Futur’.  If you don’t follow these guys please do – they are incredible at teaching and have very informative videos.

In short, Ikigai is the process of finding your inner balance between what you love, what you are good at, how you could be paid for this, and what the world needs.  It has the potential to create a life, career, or both, that is whole.  During my transition I spent a year formulating what I wanted from life and how I wanted that to look.  It was a year of struggle, frustration, anxiety and moments of many tears.  The process of Ikigai could have saved me lots of time and energy.  So if you are feeling that something is missing in your life or you are trying to carve out a new path I believe this process can help you.

Currently I’m working very hard behind the scenes on my Frowning Sparrow project, but will try and find time next week to post my Ikigai and what insight I gained from the process.

Here is the link:  The Futur – Ikigai

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.