An Essex Wedding MagazineFront Cover with My Paper Flowers

Thrilled to see my photography gracing the cover of the latest issue of ‘An Essex Wedding’ magazine, and with my crepe paper flowers too, so I’m doubly thrilled!  So grateful to the wonderfully talented creatives that worked with me on the day of the shoot.  You can find their details below.  If you are getting married and looking for ideas and inspiration An Essex Wedding magazine is a very good place to start.  View the latest issue here An Essex Wedding Magazine.

If you are anything like me you love a home filled with flowers.  There is something magical and heart-lifting when you walk into a room with flowers.  Filling your home with paper flowers is a lovely way to keep your home feeling cosy and warm, especially during the dreary months of winter.  The best part of all is they don’t die, and when you get bored of your arrangement simply take apart and re-arrange.

If during lockdown you got a taste for crafting and you’d like to try your hand at crepe paper flowers, my templates can be found on Etsy.  They contain templates for both hand and machine cutting and cover all stretches of crepe paper plus tissue paper.  There is also full video tutorial support on my YouTube channel ‘Frowning Sparrow UK‘.


Featured on:  An Essex Wedding Magazine  /  Photographer/Dress/Paper Flowers:  Kathryn Hopkins Photography  /  Shop Paper Flower Templates:  Frowning Sparrow UK  /  YouTube Tutorials:  Frowning Sparrow UK  /  Paper Florals Arranged by:  Rebecca Avery Flowers  /  Make up and Hair:  Victoria Taylor Bridal Make-up  /  Model:  Taramas